Yeager officials ready to flip the switch on solar panels

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — More than $50,000 cost savings in year one is expected when Yeager Airport flips the switch on its solar panels this month.

The final panels to the multi-million project on its parking garages are expected to be in place Wednesday. Yeager Airport officials are expected to have a walk through with the contractors and engineers of the project on that same day.

“It’ll help us power up both garages, all the lights, the elevators, the computers, everything in the system at both garages,” Yeager Airport Director Terry Sayre said.

$3.5 million in funding for the project came from a federal grant through the Federal Aviation Administration, nearly 90-percent. The other 10-percent of funding for the project came from state funding, Sayre said.

The project originated more than three years ago but was put on hold due to funding, according to Sayre. The project then relaunched just more than one year ago and went forward.

The 1,700 solar panels will be the largest array of panels in the state, according to Sayre, as it covers the entire roof of parking garage A.

Sayre said 10 to 12 charging stations will also be put into place at the garage for Tesla and other electronic vehicles.

“That’ll be a big plus for customers that want to fly out of here,” Sayre said. “They will be able to leave their vehicles here and get it charged for free.”

There is a September 18 event called “Flip the Switch” to commemorate the end of the project contracted by Dan Hill Construction. The event is scheduled to get underway at 11 a.m.