Warrant out for Charleston man for wanton endangerment

CHARLESTON, W.Va–Police issued a warrant for the arrest of a Charleston man after he allegedly fired gunshots at another man’s car after stealing his license plate in the Cross Lanes area Thursday morning.

According to police, Jeffery Grubb called 911 after hearing gunshots fired in the area. His then witnessed the man, Keith Haynes, stealing a license plate from one of their vehicles. Grubb began following Haynes in his vehicle. When Haynes stopped in Cross Lanes, he motioned for Grubb to approach his car when he fired a pistol, hitting Grubb’s car.

Grubb allegedly continued to follow Haynes to Sun Valley Drive, and Haynes got out of his car and fired another shot at Grubb’s car. Grubb followed Haynes after he fled a second time to the intersection of Washington Street West and Relation Road where he waited for police.

WV State Police and the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office recovered both a firearm and an abandoned blue car, both believed to have been used by Haynes.

Haynes is facing wanton endangerment charges. He has recently been arrested twice.