Trooper: Pet dispute at center of Boone shooting death

NELLIS, W.Va. — State Police say an argument over a dog is believed to be at the root of an argument which led to murder in Boone County.

William Kinder, 24, of Nellis, is charged with the murder of his father Eric Kinder, 54.

“It was over a dog I guess making a mess in the house. An argument ensued over that between our victim and his mother. Then this boy came out and he and his wife got into it and some disagreements at that time led to the shooting,” said Sgt. Charles Sutphin of the West Virginia State Police.

The younger Kinder is lodged in the Southern Regional Jail charged with first degree murder.

Sutphin said there is some previous history of domestic violence in the family, but he was continuing to dig deeper into the family’s history as the investigation continues. All of those involved live at the same home where the incident occurred.