Thaw previews BOE public budget meeting; objects to salary raises

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Kanawha County BOE will hold its public meeting on the 2015-2016 budget Tuesday at noon, and board member Pete Thaw weighed in on proposed raises for principals.

Thaw thought significant raises for principals was the most controversial aspect of the budget, and felt they were excessive, totaling almost $500,000

“They raise those principals $11,000 a piece and it’s outrageous,” Thaw said. “A principal applies for the job, the work is exactly the same as when they applied, but now they have the job and want a raise.”

$300,000 will be cut from the maintenance budget, and Thaw would rather see the money kept there.

“I would rather that money go to (maintenance) than anywhere,” he said. “I’d rather do anything with that money than to give very selective raises to very few people.”

He said that rest of the the nearly $236 million budget has gone unchanged, and that certain maintenance projects would be completed over the summer while students are out of the building.

Superintendent of Kanawha County Schools Ron Duerring is set to receive a 2 percent raise worth about $3,000.