St. Albans dancers to perform in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

NEW YORK, Ny. — Performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for half a dozen West Virginia dancers is being described as “the trip of a lifetime.”

Jamie Trent Walker owns St. Albans Studio of Dance and said about 5-6 of her dancers will join around 600 dancers from across the country to perform at the end of the parade and welcome Santa Claus.

“We had a lot of happy tears last night after they practiced in front of Macy’s, so they were thrilled,” Walker told MetroNews on Wednesday.

The girls, ages 13-23, will dance to “Run, Run Rudolph.”

“It’s one of the more challenging dances they’ve done,” Walker said, “It’s very fast paced and a little bit longer since they’re bringing in Santa Claus.”

Walker said she’s been fortunate to bring St. Albans dancers to the parade for 12 years. It’s an experience that includes seeing all that New York City has to offer.

“They get to see the World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Broadway shows. There’s a lot with their package. They don’t just dance. They see a lot of the city,” she said.

The parade itself is a huge celebration, Walker said.

“You can’t really understand the grandeur of it until you see it,” she said. “New Yorkers take it very seriously. It is a big deal and they even congratulate the girls because they know who they are from their jackets.”

The group arrived in New York City on Saturday and will return to West Virginia on Friday.