South Charleston City Council passes The Ridges annexation on first reading

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The South Charleston City Council passed Thursday a first reading of the ordinance to annex The Ridges neighborhood into the city.

Residents of the area submitted a petition at the council’s April 10 meeting to be considered for annexation.

South Charleston Mayor Frank Mullens said the neighborhood first asked about becoming part of the city in 2008.

“I haven’t shied away from this topic,” he said. “I have a vision to extend South Charleston all the way to the Lincoln County line.”

The annexation will cost the city $310,000 in expanding services and utilities, according to city projections. The city is expected to bring in more than $673,000 in tax revenue.

The plans to annex The Ridges neighborhood into South Charleston.
The plans to annex The Ridges neighborhood into South Charleston.

City Manager Rick Atkinson said South Charleston will receive revenue from higher property values and additional residents.

“The average increase is going to be about $800 a year of what they pay now because they will have to pay the city property tax,” he said. “They’ll pay $160 a year in municipal service fees.”

Atkinson said this is an equal payment residents are currently paying in homeowner’s fees.

“It’s pretty much a wash for them,” he said.

The city council will have to pass the ordinance on a second reading on May 4. The plan would have to be presented and approved by the Kanawha County Commission as well.

Atkinson said he expects annexation will be finalized by the end of June.

Mullens said the residents are ready to become part of the city.

“All the feedback I have gotten has been positive feedback,” he said. “I think it’s going to go OK.”

The city is also looking to annex the rest of U.S. Route 119 between the Southridge Center and The Ridges.