Run for the Wall set for return to Kanawha Valley following off years due to COVID

NITRO, W.Va. — Following two years off due to COVID-19, the annual Run for the Wall ride is scheduled to thunder back into the Kanawha Valley on Wednesday and Thursday.

Run For The Wall XXXII 2022 is set to arrive in Nitro’s Living Memorial Park on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. with approximately 400 motorcycles. Immediately following the arrival there will be a presentation ceremony.

Run For The Wall is an annual Memorial Day weekend motorcycle ride with veterans, friends, and family riding across the United States, Ontario, California to Washington, DC to accomplish their mission of honoring those who have served in the military.

Todd Taylor, Regional State Director for Run for the Wall recently spoke to 580-WCHS about the route. He said the support from the country is motivation.

“People come out and hang flags, fire trucks and emergency medical services flay flags. They are there and want to see 350 motorcycles in a tight formation, about a mile long when we get running. It’s a sight to see and having all the supporters out there restores your faith in humanity a little bit,” he said.

Following the stop in Nitro on the ‘Central Route’ of the 32nd run, there is a trip to Charleston on Thursday morning. Bikers will visit the WV Veterans Memorial on the state Capitol grounds around 9 a.m. before rolling back out onto the road to Rainelle Elementary School.

The run is scheduled to end May 29 from the Vietnam Veterans Wall in Washington D.C.

Taylor said the run is personal for almost every single rider.

“Pretty much anybody that runs on this run, there is a picture taped to their windshield. They are riding for those missing in action, killed in action or anyone in their family that’s been a part of the military,” Taylor said.