Putnam County sheriff warns residents about scams

WINFIELD, W.Va. — Putnam County Sheriff Bobby Eggleton is warning residents about phone and internet scams after being “inundated” with calls about such efforts.

Eggleton released a video Wednesday on Facebook warning residents about scams involving people posing as other individuals and presenting certain deals and arrangements.

“They’re really targeting older Putnam County people,” he said. “I really need you to be careful.”

The sheriff referenced multiple scams involving individuals losing upwards of $10,000 to scammers.

“I can’t get this money back. I can have the detectives look at it. I can call the FBI, we can call all those people,” he said. “Nobody’s going to get your money back because these people — most of the time — are working out of the country. They will wear you out. They’ll do everything in the world to try to get your money.”

Eggleton told residents to not send people money over the phone or mail any gift cards to unknown individuals.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it’s too good,” he added. “Bunch of crooks trying to take advantage of our people here in Putnam County.”