New name thrown in for governor race

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — A new name might be added into the mix in the 2024 race for governor.

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams, who appeared on MetroNews Talkline Monday, said his “tank is still full” as he eyes the democratic nominee for governor.

“If I’m not going to be mayor, there’s no other position to be in in my mind than to be governor,” Williams said.

Williams credits the work he’s done in his city for why he thinks he can lead the state.

“We’re pretty prosperous,” Williams said. We’re starting to create economic opportunity and prosperity within the city.”

The mayor sees a lot of similarities between his current job and being governor and says he’ll trust two components when conducting his decision on whether to run.

“When the data points in the right direction, and my gut is saying it, than we’ll be out and we’ll be running,” said Williams.

Despite not being a part of the majority party, Williams said he has the leadership capacity and still sees a path to becoming governor as a democrat.