Mountaineer Montessori to have in-person classes split between two campuses

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Mountaineer Montessori School, with two campuses, is planning on having in-person lessons five days a week during the upcoming school year.

“We plan for in-person learning for as many days as possible and for as many students as possible,” said Jennifer Carriger, the institution’s director.

The institution has around 140 students ranging from preschool to eighth grade.

The institution has been at 308 20th St. in Charleston, but a second campus will open in September: the former St. Agnes School at 4801 Staunton Ave. Carriger said the second campus is an important resource in the decision to have in-person classes.

“We’re moving about half of the student population to a location separate from our original campus,” she said. “That has allowed us to provide twice or more of classroom space for each of our classes.”

Carriger said the switch to remote learning in the spring did provide valuable lessons in case classes have to be conducted virtually.

“We have various scenarios we are planning for,” she explained. “One is in-person learning for everyone, one is in-person for some and remote for others … and then our third scenario is remote for everyone if we need to go that route for safety reasons.”

Students and staff will be required to undergo a daily health check before entering the school building, and social distancing and cleaning procedures will be enforced. Classes begin Sept. 8.