More than 40,000 people have attended holiday light show at GoMart Ballpark

CHARLESTON, W.Va. The Charleston Dirty Birds continue to have good crowds at the Holiday Light Show at GoMart Ballpark.

The Dirty Birds Rod Blackstone said they’ve had about 40,000 walk through the light display, take part in ice skating or ride the Ferris Wheel. There have visitors from more than 30 states who have go through.

Blackstone is urging residents to buy tickets online before you come.

“Because I’ve been in the box office, I’ve been at the gate to see how long the lines are,” Blackstone said during an appearance Friday on 580Live with Dave Allen.

He said the lines are long on weekend nights that are cool and crisp. He said crowds can get up to 5,000 on those nights. Crowds have been smaller on the weeknights.

“There are smaller crowds, it’s easier to get tickets and it’s easier to go ice skating,” Blackstone said.

Blackstone said the show is a big investment by Dirty Birds owner Andy Shea who wanted to promote a good community event.

There’s still enough time to get your look at the show, Blackstone said.

“Every night through January 1st and that includes Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day,” he said.