More testing in order at Paint Creek

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — An update has been issued from the Kanawha County Commission regarding Paint Creek and the chemcial spill.

The commission announced Thursday more testing will be done in the creek, and the trucking company responsible for the spill will monitor the area when it’s dry and following events of rain, an order given from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

Samples of the water and soil will be gathered and processed by ALS, an independent lab hired by the commission. ALS has told the commission that they will be ready to run these tests in about three weeks.

The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department and Emergency Management Officials will also be present to assist in the gathering of the samples. Officials from Fayette County will also be participating, and they have agreed to split the costs of the testing with Kanawha County.

On the night of August 24th last year, a trucker for Gadsden, Gaillard, and West lost control and flipped his truck which leaked approximately 3,000 gallons of a hazardous material into Paint Creek.