Lincoln County pharmacy sentenced for money laundering in drug conspiracy

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Lincoln County pharmacy has been sentenced for money laundering related to its role in a conspiracy involving a pain clinic.

Meds2Go Express Pharmacy Inc. of Alum Creek reached a plea agreement in December 2019, which involved closure and paying $250,000 toward community restitution and forfeiture after working with the Hope Clinic to dispense compound opioids to people with no legitimate medical purpose.

Meds2Go previously admitted to filling physicians while knowing there was no legitimate medical purpose for the prescriptions and the prescriptions were made outside of the usual medical practice.

The company also admitted to engaging in the illegal manufacturing of oxycodone and methadone at its Alum Creek and Charleston locations.

“Due to the excessive amount of prescriptions for controlled substances written by Hope Clinic, the pharmacy could not obtain enough of a supply of oxycodone and methadone from its distributors. In order to keep up with the demand, the pharmacy bypassed purchase restrictions from the distributor by setting up and purchasing compounding equipment, training its employees to compound pills on a mass scale, purchasing powders and other raw materials, and manufacturing pills containing oxycodone and methadone,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office noted in a Tuesday release.