Large crowd expected in Charleston Thursday for Jason Aldean concert

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — One of the largest crowds for a musical act in Charleston since before the COVID-19 pandemic is expected Thursday night when country star Jason Aldean is in town.

Aldean performs at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center as part of his “Jason Aldean: Back in the Saddle Tour 2021,” produced by Live Nation.

Patrick Leahy, the general manager of the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center told 580-WCHS that tickets sales have been rising in recent weeks.

“Ticket sales are strong and they’ve been selling the last few weeks. We’ve seen an increase of in interest in the show. I think that is in part of people waiting to see if it will happen or not,” Leahy said.

“There’s so much noise out in the marketplace, relative to what’s canceling what is not canceling, things happening and not happening. I think people are just waiting to make sure they don’t buy a ticket then have to return it or wait for a rescheduling.”

Leahy said he expects ticket sales to rival the James Taylor concert in Charleston in September. Aldean last performed in Charleston in early 2020, one of the last acts in the Coliseum before the pandemic.

“The industry is getting back to activity and business and back to working,” Leahy said.