KRT new flat fare in effect

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — KRT’s new $1.50  flat fare began Monday.

“Our complicated fare system that used to have seven fare zones is now gone and you can now get on the bus and you know what your fare is to go anywhere you want to go,” KRT General Manager Dennis Dawson said.

The new bus fare has been developed to give customers the best value as well as discounts on their new pass system.

“I think those people that were intimidated before that say the bus system is too hard to figure out, with fare structure and bus schedules, will be more inclined to give it a try. So we think it will increase ridership because it’s a whole lot simpler system. For the drivers, for the public, for everybody,” said Dawson.

Passes are being sold now, giving unlimited rides to those who buy them. An all day pass can be bought for $2.50, a Five day pass for $12.50 or a 31-day pass for $60.00.

“Because we operate through Kanawha County, there’s always been a complicated fare system here. I’ve been here for 40 years and when I came here there were 13 fare zones. And we paired it down to the seven and that made it a whole lot simpler but it was still very, very confusing.” Dawson said.

The main goal of the entire operation is to bring customers better fares and to help them use the KRT system in the easiest way possible.

“We’re doing it to try and simplify our system overall and this is just the first phase of a lot of thing we’re going to be doing over the next twelve months to try and make our system more user friendly.” Dawson said.