Kanawha County Commission approves $1 million for fire, police departments

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Kanawha County Commission approved more than $1 million for fire and police departments in the county for their work as well as equipment.

Each volunteer fire department received $20,000 with the exception of the Smithers Volunteer Fire Department and Yeager Airport, which each received $10,000. Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper said the Smithers Volunteer Fire Department, located in Fayette County, offers assistance to Kanawha County firefighters as needed.

The $640,000 comes from the general fund — $350,000 — and the coal severance fund — $290,000.

The county awarded more than $438,000 to police and fire departments for requests for equipment. Such requests include $19,800 by the Charleston Police Department for 100 flashlights and cases as well as reversible rain jackets, $20,973.60 from the Dunbar Police Department for ballistic armor and shields, and $30,000 from the South Charleston Police and Fire departments for a police boat.

According to Carper, agencies are fair when they request funding.

“They know how much money is available,” he said. “They understand if they got a little bit more a year before for a special project, they’ll back off a little bit. They work together.”

Fire departments requested $225,000 of the total funds requested.