Kanawha City resident expresses concern to city council about shootings

KANAWHA CITY, W.Va. — A Kanawha City resident is asking city leaders to do something about shootings.

James Elam appeared before Charleston City Council Monday night and detailed an early Monday morning shots-fired incident that damaged his residence and vehicle at the MacWayne apartments on Washington Avenue across the street from Chamberlain Elementary.

“Bullets flew through the bedroom window straight into the wall and above my head,” Elam said. “At this time I could hear my mom yelling and running through the apartment, throwing herself on the floor and crawling to the door of my bedroom.’

Elam said he’s thankful that no one was hurt but asked council how long the city was going to put up with shootings like this and others.

“What will the city do? How are we going to be more safe as residents? Why do I sometimes get the strange feeling that our concerns fall on deaf ears? If this happened in your home wouldn’t you want to have something done?”

Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin told Elam the city was sorry for what happened.

City police said no injuries were reported. No arrests have been made.