Hurricane unveils newer, bigger fire station

HURRICANE, W.Va. — Hurricane Fire Chief Mike Hoffman says he’s relieved to have a new 20,000 square foot fire station.

“I’m glad it’s here and I’m glad we’re transitioning into a new facility. This has been a long time coming for the City of Hurricane and its citizens,” Hoffman said following a Friday afternoon ribbon cutting at the new station which is located just past Hurricane Bridge Park on Route 34 between Hurricane Middle School and U.S. Route 60.

Hoffman said the new building is four times larger than the current 5,000 square foot station and it features the latest in equipment and technology.

“It has the exhaust system that pulls all of the exhaust out of the building. We have a state-of-the-art training building and we have room out back for a future training facility,” Hoffman said.

Hurricane Mayor Scott Edwards said the new station is good use of CARES Act and other monies the city had. The project cost $6 million.

“It was the time to spend it so that that money will show for a hundred years,” Edwards said. “That money just didn’t get wasted away to nothing, people can see it.”

Edwards said the old station on Main Street will be demolished in the months to come and initially used for parking.

“We have some other ideas that are in the thoughts—I’m never satisfied. I’m always thinking on what’s going to be next,” Edwards said.

A community open house at the new station is set for later in April.