January 24-26, 2020 at the Charleston Convention Center

With over 240 exhibitors, the WV Whitetail Hall of Fame, the WV Wildlife Charity Auction, hunting & fishing seminars, this show has something for every outdoor enthusiast.

Admission and Schedule

Show schedule:                                                    Admission:

Friday, January 24         12pm to 9pm                        Adults – $9.00

Saturday, January 25      9am to 9pm                        Children 6-12 – $1.00

Sunday, January 26        9am to 5pm                         Children under 6 – Free

A message from the WV Trophy Hunters Association

Each year in January we present the West Virginia  Hunting  and  Fishing ShowSM at the Coliseum and Convention Center  in Charleston, West Virginia. All proceeds except for costs to run the show and club  operating  expenses, are donated to programs that promote or protect hunting, fishing, wildlife, conservation, and related educational activities. From 1995 through 2018 our donations to these causes exceeded $750,000.  In addition we also make many “in kind” donations to various organizations. Another program that we sponsor is our nearly 600 acre Wildlife Study Project in Wirt County. We have raised over $500,000 for that project. While raising funds is important, the primary reason for hosting this show is to bring hunters and fishermen into contact with organizations that can provide them with goods and services related to these activities. We only solicit vendors of high quality products and services related to the sport of hunting and fishing. We are all 100% volunteers.

This will be the 33rd year we have held this show for the benefit of our exhibitors, the hunters and fishermen in our area and the hunting, fishing, wildlife, and conservation organizations who benefit from our charitable donation program.  Our past exhibitors tell us the West Virginia Hunting and Fishing ShowSM is one of the best run and more productive shows in the United States.  The show has featured exhibitors from as far away as Alaska, New Zealand, Spain, and Africa, plus the United States and Canada.

In conjunction with the show, we run the West Virginia Whitetail Hall of FameSM.  The West Virginia Whitetail Hall of FameSM provides an opportunity for individuals to bring their West Virginia deer trophies in for official scoring and to display the largest racks harvested.  You may bring as many mounts in to be scored as you wish.  Bring your tags for the deer for official WV DNR scoring.

This show is produced by WV Trophy Hunters Association, a non-profit group dedicated to the Conservation of Wildlife and the Preservation of Hunting and Hunters Rights.