Highmark West Virginia makes sizable donation to Roark Sullivan Lifeway Center

Roark Sullivan Lifeway Center will purchase two new vans with the donation.

CHARLESTON W.Va. — A $100,000 donation from Highmark West Virginia’s Charitable Fund for Health to the Charleston-based Roark Sullivan Lifeway Center were announced Thursday.

The announcement was held at Haddad Riverfront Park with officials from Roark Sullivan Lifeway Center and Highmark West Virginia. The event also featured local and state representatives, including from Senator Shelley Moore Capito’s office, Senator Joe Manchin’s office, and the West Virginia National Guard.

The donation will be used for helping the expansion of the health and wellness program, by purchasing two new vans. This allows veterans from the state to travel to medical services and appointments across West Virginia, officials said.

“Let’s say we have a veteran that has a special medical service or appointment in Clarksburg, then that day will be dedicated to transporting anyone that needs to go to the area to the specific facility for that appointment,” Roark Sullivan Lifeway Center President and CEO Jessica McGuire told 580-WCHS.

The program was inspired by McGuire hearing about a veteran waiting till 4 a.m. for their dialysis because an Uber did not show up.

The Roark Sullivan Lifeway Center wanted a better way to have security for the state’s veterans. “Nobody that needs dialysis should be waiting till 4 a.m. for a ride,” McGuire added.

“We are grateful for the sacrifices our veterans have made for us and we are trying to find more ways to show our appreciation for them through Highmark West Virginia’s Fund for Health,” President of Highmark West Virginia Jim Fawcett said in a release.

Nearly $2 million from the Highmark West Virginia Fund for Health has been granted to Non-profit organizations focused on health throughout the state.

Story by Chayce Matheny