Goodwin continues outreach efforts in second year in office

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Mayor Amy Goodwin has said the most important role of her administration is listening to constituents.

Goodwin seems dedicated to this having held multiple listening events during her first year in office and arranging a second “Here to Serve” tour throughout the city to start 2020.

City officials and leaders from various departments take part in the events, allowing the public to ask questions on such things as zoning, police work and infrastructure.

“We have learned this is the best way to solve problems for folks in the community,” Goodwin said. “Sure, you can call. Sure, you can email. This is, without question, the best way. Face-to-face.”

During the State of the City address, Goodwin also touted the city’s new communication system to track citizen complaints and direct people to the correct departments.

“This is just another layer to that customer service that we’re striving to have here in the city,” she said.

Goodwin’s outreach efforts will grow with another program this month; the city will launch its Charleston Walks program, in which city officials will go door-to-door to connect to residents and discuss issues.

As for the “Here to Serve” tour, the next event will be Monday at First Presbyterian Church (16 Leon Sullivan Way). The event will begin at 6 p.m.