Former Regal resident remaining positive in months since fire

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — It’s now been two months since the Regal apartment building caught fire and was tragically demolished. On January 26, residents of the four-story building quickly had their life flipped upside down.

Joshua Williams says things are starting to calm down for him and his cat he was lucky to save from the fire. He’s used these past two months to pay it forward.

“I was pretty blessed to receive the help that I got,” he said. “Now I try to help other people when I can.”

Residents were helped out with money sent their way from the United Way in the middle of the month. Williams has put that money towards a new apartment he moved into recently. He’s also gotten other donations from people near and far.

“I’m doing pretty good, not the greatest but as good as can be expected,” Williams said, who’s been staying busy working at his job.

He moved into his new apartment not too long ago after spending some time in January and February living with some friends. He was offered a stay at a hotel like many other the residents, but wanted that spot to go towards someone else.

“I didn’t need it, I figured someone else would need it more,” he explained.

The Charleston resident also said he was overwhelmed with the support he saw from people he knew and even people he didn’t.

“It’s been unbelievable, the overwhelming love I’ve gotten from people in the community,” Williams said gratefully.

Williams is keeping a positive attitude through it all while he says he’s waiting on a deposit from the Regal apartment management. Williams was told he was supposed to get a deposit back within a few weeks dating back to February, but now that waiting time has grown to 30-90 days.

“I don’t know what’s going on with upper management but it seems super unprofessional,” said Williams about those running the Regal. “There was a lot of problems over there.”

He said he called an office in Utah to get some clarity or some sort of explanation, but didn’t hear back. He’s left multiple messages. Williams is using this situation to try and teach others a lesson.

“Vet who you’re renting from.”