Elderly Charleston man recovering following weekend robbery

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Charleston Police Department is searching for a suspect of a robbery in the north section of the city.

Authorities said Ira Fulks, 90, reported being robbed at his residence on the 2500 block of 5th Avenue on Saturday.

Fulks told police a male came to his door and asked to use the restroom. The police report said when the suspect returned to the living room, he pulled out a taser and tased Fulks on the arm. The suspect then allegedly knocked over furniture in the living room and told Fulks that he would kill him if he did not give him money.

The victim gave the suspect money and fled the scene with a television from the living room.

Fulks sustained a minor injury due to the tase.

The suspect is being described as a black male, 5’9″, 25-35 years of age, and wearing dark clothing.

If anyone has any information please contact the Charleston Police Department Criminal Investigation Division, 304-348-6480.