Downtown sports center project still on pace to be built

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Progress is being made on the future Capital Sports Center in Charleston.

The Kanawha County Commission gave an update on the state of the future downtown sports hub during a meeting Thursday and said bids have been put out on the project. The commission said they will conduct interviews with companies who have expressed interest in the project soon. A committee of five people will conduct the interviews to find out the company they wish to work with for the project.

Commissioner Ben Salango along with mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin gave a presentation to engineers and architects on the sports facility at the WV Construction and Design Expo Thursday.

Salango said the facility is 250,000 sq ft with a projected cost around $80 million. The sports center will be built at the site of the former Macy’s in the Charleston Town Center Mall. It features an olympic-sized swimming pool along with six basketball courts and 12 volleyball courts.

Mayor Goodwin and Commissioner Salango said they want to keep the construction dollars in-state. They also said how important this project is for delivering tourism money to the city.

The proposal for the project was first introduced in August of last year. Commissioner Salango will meet again with the mayor in April for another update on its progress.