Commission takes next step in moving along judicial building project

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Kanawha County Commission said Thursday that a committee has ranked the three architectural and engineering firms considered for the project of creating the needed space for the new magistrates and circuit judge.

The three companies in consideration for the project are McKinley Architecture and Engineering, Silling Architects, and The Thrasher Group. Interviews were conducted earlier this week.

The committee scored each one of the three companies and said Silling received the highest score. Second best was McKinley.

The five-person committee who conducted interviews with the three different architectural firms are Kanawha County Court Administrator Chris McClung, Maintenance Director Mike Moles, County Manager Jennifer Herrald, Purchasing Director Jeri Whitehead, and Chief Magistrate Traci L. Strickland.

The West Virginia Legislature voted to add three new magistrates and one new circuit judge in Kanawha County.

Additional space is planned on being added on at the Judicial Building in Charleston to create more room for the three new magistrates. Renovations are also possible for the visiting judges courtroom to supply enough room for the circuit judge that was also added in Kanawha County.

The next step for the commission is to determine the fee of services. The committee said they will discuss the fees with Silling first.

The commission will discuss the project further at their next scheduled meeting in October. Their goal is to establish a price with the selected firm so the project can begin.