Commission awards check to Dairy Winkle owner

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A fire earlier this month may have damaged this popular restaurant in Charleston, but owner “Paco” Ellison has not given up on his Dairy Winkle.

The Kanawha County Commission has noticed that, and was happy to award Ellison with a check for $35,000 Thursday, to help with the rebuilding efforts.

Commissioner Lance Wheeler has heard the stories about “Paco” and what he means to the community.

“The fact you are working through this tragedy and moving forward to be that staple for future generations, it just makes me proud.”

Some of those noted stories were mentioned by Commissioner Ben Salango, who said it’s now the communities turn to give back to “Paco.”

“In the floods, he opened up the Dairy Winkle,” said Salango. “He’s held clothing drives and has had his restaurant stocked with cleaning supplies and clothing.”

Kerry “Paco” Ellison said he’s seen support come in from everywhere.

“I’ve felt the same support from everybody, even people who are just everyday working people.”

Commission President Kent Carper said Ellison won’t have to do any sort of waiting to utilize this money, stating they trust in “Paco” and appreciate the chance he’s always taken on running his business in the valley.

“We’re gonna take a chance on you because you’ve always taken a chance on the upper Kanawha valley,” Carper said.

Ellison previously said he hopes his food and ice cream joint will be ready for business again by the end of the year.