City of Charleston holds first “Here to Serve” meeting of the Fall

KANAWHA CITY, W.Va. — The City of Charleston held its first “Here to Serve” meeting Tuesday evening in Kanawha City.

The meeting at the Kanawha City Community Center is the first of five that city officials will participate in in order to address some of the concerns, thoughts and ideas from local residents about a variety of topics. A few dozen people came to the meeting Tuesday in Kanawha City.

Residents have the chance to meet with city representatives, council members, and members of every department within the city of Charleston you can think of.

Charleston mayor Amy Goodwin said it’s their job to make sure every resident who has an idea or a concern can be heard and that the appropriate department can assist them.

“Not everybody can leave their job in the middle of the day or come to city council meetings at night,” Goodwin said. “We should show up when it is convenient for you. That’s what Here to Serve is all about.”

The “Here to Serve” meetings started in 2019, by mayor Goodwin. She said the city grew tired of residents not getting linked to the right person whenever they needed assistance.

“Nothing was more frustrating to me than to listen to the phone ring and someone call in and say ‘hey, I need help with this,’ only to have someone reply and say, ‘Oh, that’s not my department, let me transfer you,'” said Goodwin.

One resident of Kanawha City, who said she used to live in Dunbar, said the violence and theft in the area has gotten worse. She wanted to talk to the members of law enforcement that were in attendance for the meeting to see what was going to happen from here on out regarding her concerns.

“I just want to know if something is going to be done about people who don’t belong on my porch or stealing out of my yard and my neighbors yard,” she said.

The woman said she had someone sleeping on her front porch recently and has had thing stolen off her property.

“The violence in the area has grown,” she said. “Once you get to be 68, you don’t want to put up with this any longer.”

The resident of Kanawha City also wanted to discuss some ongoing construction projects on the roads in her area.

The city is also required to have a 10-year plan ready, which mayor Goodwin said they will be discussing with people at the “Here to Serve” meetings. Goodwin and the rest of city council said they are wanting feedback from as many people as possible at the upcoming meetings regarding the 10-year proposal.






The next “Here to Serve” community events are happening at the following dates and locations:

. Thursday, September 28: Mary C Snow Elementary School Cafeteria
100 Florida Street, Charleston, WV

. Wednesday, October 11: Elizabeth Memorial United Methodist
108 Oakwood Rd, Charleston, WV

. Tuesday, October 24: KCPL Main Library, Main 311C – TGKVF Meeting Room
123 Capitol St, Charleston, WV

. Wednesday, November 1: Roosevelt Neighborhood Center
502 Ruffner Ave, Charleston, WV