Charleston Council appoints new city clerk

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Mayor Danny Jones swore in the city’s new clerk JB Akers at the city council’s meeting Monday night.

Akers will replace former clerk Jim Reishman who recently resigned. Akers said he was excited to begin the new position.

“It’s exciting for me. My family lives here in Charleston, my wife works in the prosecutors office so she’s worked in public service for about 16 years now,” Akers said. “This is an important thing for our family and I’m looking forward to starting work.”

The main duties of the city clerk is to serve as a go-between the general public and city government. They also oversee city elections. Akers promised an open relationship.

“If the public needs information I think they should feel welcome to come to the clerk’s office. We want to have information as acessible to folks as we can,” he said.

Jones has called Akers, who owns a law firm in Charleston, a “smart dynamic guy. Akers was looking forward to working with Jones and other members of council.

“I’ve known the mayor for several years. He felt comfortable talking to me; we have a good relationship,” Akers said explaining how he was chosen for the position. “He asked if I was interested and I certainly was.”

The city clerk position is a part-time job with a salary of $35,000 a year.