Charleston City Council approves resolution backing KCS levy

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Charleston City Council passed Monday a resolution stating the body’s support for the Kanawha County Schools excess levy.

Voters will consider the extension of the levy in this fall’s general election. The levy covers around a quarter of the school system’s budget, including funding for facility improvements, maintenance and various staff positions.

“This is a levy that’s been in effect since 1937,” Council President Becky Ceperley said. “Four years ago, this council also passed a resolution like this, and we’ve done so for many, many years.”

Ceperley emphasized the importance of supporting institutions and ensuring schools can provide adequate services.

“Due to the fact that they’re struggling to get our young people back up and ready because of the COVID issues, I don’t think we can afford to lose 25% of our budget, and it’s critical to the city of Charleston that we have good, safe, high-quality public education in our city for our families.”

Election Day is Nov. 8.