Capital City kicks off inaugural downtown food tour

CHARLESTON — Charleston residents who wanted a unique taste of the city got the opportunity Tuesday night to go on an inaugural event hosted by Mountain State Food Tours.

The event began at Adelphia Sports Bar downtown and covered about a two-mile radius of different locally owned restaurants.

“We’ve done a number of test tours here in the city of Charleston,” said Maria Young, who co-owns Mountain State Food Tours with her husband Michael. “But my husband and I have done these tours all over the country. We really felt like Charleston’s food scene is unique, it’s original; it’s strong enough to support a project like this. It’s absolutely worth celebrating.”

The tour also included hidden history of the city.

“It’s a great way, unlike an architecture tour or a history tour, this is a way to give both visitors and residents, literally, a flavor of your city,” Young said. “It’s designed to be a progressive dinner, so you would have appetizer, soup, salad, a couple of entrees and a dessert. Along the way you also get some entertaining and very engaging history.”

Dawn Nolan, of Charleston, said she heard about the event on Facebook and was immediately intrigued.

“I’m big into the food scene. I travel a lot, and I always am on the lookout for new or unique restaurants,” she said. “I’m looking forward to tasting some food.”

The tour included five different food stops and covered slightly more than one mile over the course of 2.5 hours.

Young said more tours would be offered on Tuesday and Saturday nights, and more information can be found at or on Facebook.