Byrd not running for reelection in the House

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Another Kanawha County delegate has said they are not running for reelection this election year.

Delegate Andrew Byrd (D-Kanawha 35) announced his move on Tuesday’s 580-LIVE with Danny Jones on 580-WCHS.

“I have decided that I will not be running for reelection,” Byrd said. “I have actually served six years in the House. I think that is enough, it’s time to pass the torch.”

Byrd preached letting someone else have a shot in the House. He believes there should be some kind of consecutive term limits in the legislature.

“I ran on that,” Byrd said. “If you look at my card when I went door-to-door, I said I believe in consecutive term limits. You can come back but after you serve 6 to 8 years, step down and let some new blood in there so we can cycle through and get fresh ideas. I am living to that promise.”

Part of his decision also came from having a newborn son. Byrd hinted at coming back to run in 2022 but the next two years will be family time.

“I have a son and I wanted to take two years off to spend time with him and my wife,” Byrd said. “I want to take care of that, it’s family first.

“I can tell you right now on the radio, 2022 I will be back. But I want these next two years to be with family.”

Byrd shares the district with Doug Skaff – D, Moore Capito – R, and Eric Nelson – R. Nelson has launched a campaign to run for state Senate in 2020.