BridgeValley and WVU Tech sign agreement on credit transfers

MONTGOMERY, W.Va. — BridgeValley Technical College and WVU Tech signed an articulation agreement Thursday to make the transfer of credits between the two schools easier.

Stephen Brown, the Dean of Business at WVU Tech says that it should now be easier for students who earn an associates degree at BridgeValley to receive a bachelor’s degree at Tech.

“It becomes really a seamless transfer for the student. The advisers are all completely aware of what transfers,” Brown said. “Then students know exactly what they need to take at WVU tech to complete their degrees.”

Brown said that students will be able to complete their four-year degrees in a “judicious and informed matter.” He said that so many changes occurred that he felt the agreement had to be updated.

“Departments changed, courses changed, even course subject codes changed,” Brown explained. “There were lots of changes that happened and so it was really helpful to revisit the articulation agreement.”

The agreeement is, in his mind, fairly lenient when it comes to accepting transfer credits.

“Basically our goal was to look at every course, and if it was reasonably close to our courses, to accept those credits,” Brown said.

There are seven programs that will be included as “pathway programs” as part of the agreement.