Boone County prosecutor opts to resign following investigation into work-related misconduct

BOONE COUNTY, W.Va. — In the midst of an investigation, the Boone County prosecutor submitted a letter of resignation Wednesday to the Boone County Commission.

Prosecutor Donna Taylor was charged by a lawyer disciplinary board for allegedly violating rules of professional conduct on multiple occassions.

The Boone County Commission voted unanimously in late March to seek the removal of Taylor from office. The commission agreed on a resolution citing “incompetence and neglect of duty, according to West Virginia Code 6-6-7.”

According to court documents, Taylor was accused of failing to prepare nearly 100 orders from abuse and neglect cases, 83 releases of judgment after payments were made in full, and filing insufficient indictments. She also hired her boyfriend to be an assistant prosecutor with a yearly salary of $80,000.

The commission held an emergency meeting Wednesday afternoon to discuss Taylor’s resignation.