Boone County murder trial coming down home stretch

MADISON, W.Va. — Prosecutors may rest their case today in what has become a long and complicated murder trial in Boone County.

Kevin Dickens, 53, of Rock Creek, W.Va. is on trial charged with the murder of Jeremy Peters, 41, of Whitesville, W.Va. Peters died in a fight at Terry’s Cafe in Whitesville in December 2021.

Dickens’ trial began in late January, but when members of the jury contracted Covid the proceeding was halted. Judge Stacy Nowicki-Eldrridge declared a mistrial in the case and the trial began a second time last week with an entirely new jury. Since that time, testimony was delayed several more days after a member of the new jury had to attend the funeral of a loved one.

It’s believed Dickens’ may take the witness stand in his own defense when the prosecution finally rests its case.