Active slide forces Route 60 to remain closed

CHELYAN, W.Va.–State DOH and Appalachian Power officials met Thursday to make a plan to clean up and repair the slide on U.S. Route 60 in Chelyan.

The active slide has caused large amounts of mud, rocks, and tree debris to fall on the road, making it impassable. The DOH has made an effort to at least keep one lane of the road open to serve emergency vehicles.

As part of the plan put into place, AEP will cut trees away from the slide, divert water from the slide, and begin removing debris. The DOH will put staff on site, help haul material to a local waste site, and will provide traffic control and will remain in contact with emergency personnel. When it is safe to do so, a safety barrier will be provided in the slide area.

No exact timetable was revealed as to when the road would reopen, only when the barrier is place and the slide is stable. Route 61 is currently being used as a detour route while the road is closed.