450-ton boulder blocks Blue Creek Road

ELKVIEW, W.Va.–What was estimated to be a 450-ton boulder slid off the mountain and into the road Tuesday, blocking Blue Creek Road in Elkview.

Because of the heavy rains, the mountain gave way and caused the heavy rock to fall into the road. DOH Supervisor Terry Goodwin, who was one of the first on the scene, said it was lucky no one was passing by at the time.

“If they didn’t see it they would have hit it,” he said. “But I don’t think anyone’s under it. We hope nobody’s under it.”

DOH Operator Greg Foster said the plan was use an excavator to break up the massive rock and haul it away.  It is estimated that the road will remain closed overnight and into Wednesday morning so that crews can begin breaking up the rock and repairing the damaged road.

The road is currently completely blocked to public traffic in and out. Residents in the area who must travel the road for emergency reasons are asked to call 911.

Buses will not run Blue Creek Road due to the Rock Slide starting Wednesday morning. The buses effected are: Bus 1119 for Herbert Hoover High School and Elkview Middle School, Bus 1203L for Bridge Elementary and Bus 1202L for Herbert Hoover High School.

Students may catch the bus at the Filling Station at the Mouth of Blue Creek.