CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The third year return of the Charleston Sternwheel Regatta is in the books.

The final day of the Regatta Sunday kicked off with the Mindful Triathlon at City Center Slack Plaza followed by the annual Regatta car show along the Kanawha Boulevard and an 80s dance party.

The Sternwheel Boat Races and the Fire Parade would wrap up the day and the Regatta itself.

For the car show, vehicle-enthusiasts of all kind rolled onto the boulevard to show off any ride they had, whether it be a classic from as early as the 1950s or before. the 70s, 80s, even a ride from this decade.

Car show organizer, Terry Godby said they expected to have over 125 cars or more filling up the street.

Godby said it was the first time in the three years that they had good weather for the event, which truly is a direct reflection of the turnout.

“Turnouts been great so far, we had a lot of people pre-register, weather is everything, if you got good weather that will bring the cars, if you don’t it won’t,” he said.

He said they had changed some of the criteria up a bit this year as well, expanding the show to also include imported and modified vehicles and more trucks.

Godby said they hope to only keep expanding the car show every year.

“It’s a great event, the mayor has helped us get this together and you know, to have something for a car show, so we’re excited, hopefully we’re going to grow and get it bigger,” said Godby.

Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin said with all of the hard work it takes in putting the Regatta on every year, it once again seemed to truly pay off as she watched thousands gather into the city for what appeared to be yet another phenomenal year.

“When we’re planning and we plan the entire year for this event, we got what we wanted, people were here to have a good time, people were here with their families,” Goodwin said.

Music officially wrapped up on the fourth night of the five-day Regatta .

Saturday night drew in what the mayor said was the biggest crowd yet in the three years since the Regatta came back to the city as people got nostalgic with the I Love the 90s Tour which featured Vanilla Ice, Treach from Naughty By Nature, Tone Loc and Young MC.

Crowd Saturday night at Sternwheel Regatta

Goodwin said they had travelers from all over the East Coast converge in Charleston over the course of the Regatta but Saturday night’s performance was record-breaking.

“There’s no question about it, if you were anywhere near Charleston’s downtown area last night, you saw and heard this was the largest crowd that we have brought since we brought this back two years ago,” she said.

She said it only reemphasizes her saying about year three being the year, as it was evident through the massive turnout.

Goodwin said while they must now wait to see what the data shows, she said she would be surprised if it doesn’t at least come close to or exceed last year’s Regatta numbers of over 220,000 people and more than $37 million in economic impact.

She said it’s a reflection of just how significant the event truly is and how much people wanted to see it come back.

“It’s a significant economic-driver, it’s a significant community-uniter and this is going to continue for years to come because it’s positive, it’s positive for the businesses and the people in this area and all up and down the East Coast,” Goodwin said.

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