CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Five-time Grammy-nominated West Virginia recording artist Stephen Thomas says he’s thrilled that his first rock and alternative record “Back Home” is gaining popularity.

“This is my debut record, and you mean we’re charting on active rock radio mainstream with Metallica, Ghost, Lincoln Park, Allman, Green Day, I mean all of these artists? I’m just like wow,” Thomas said during a recent appearance on MetroNews “Talkline.”

Thomas is a Charleston native who grew up on the city’s West Side. He went to Capital High School and worked as a DJ at West Virginia Radio’s 98.7 The Beat, now known as 107.3 The Beat, as a teenager.

“I started there at 17 and then I was always doing music. I started out in Christian music and then crossed over to R&B, hip hop and pop. Now I’m going rock and alternative as well,” he said.

The genre-bending artist said he believes his approach will make him stand out. Thomas said he likes performing all kinds of music and wants to reach all demographics.

“What I specialize is trying new things. What I specialize in is being an artist that you can’t put in a box,” he said.

His latest single “Back Home” is about finding your passion no matter how difficult the journey is to get there.

“Whatever is back home to you, get back to it,” he said. “Sometimes getting back home is also taking that leap of faith, taking that risk, taking that opportunity, just taking that jump and just saying I’m going after it.”

Thomas said as a teenager he was exposed to a lot of talent growing up in Charleston and even met Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. during a popular music festival.

“When we met each other we were at the MultiFest. I was working security at like 14-15 years old,” he said. “They called people on stage and me and him sung on stage together and that was the first time we ever met. We’ve been the best of friends and like brothers ever since.”

Thomas said he plans to travel back to Charleston in the coming days. More of his work can be found at

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