The Town of Clendenin will be celebrating its annual Summerfest event this weekend with a host of activities on the eight-year anniversary of the deadly 2016 flood.

The activities begin at 11 a.m. Saturday and ends with fireworks at 9:30 p.m. on the banks of the Elk River. During the daytime hours, there will be a fashion show, live music, face painting, food trucks, a mobile gaming center and a petting zoo. These festivities are scheduled to take place on Main Street and Elk Avenue.

Formerly titled, “Celebration of the Flood,” Clendenin’s Summerfest recognizes the anniversary of the 2016 flood that killed 23 residents. Although the gathering is in honor of the city’s past tribulations, Clendenin Mayor Kay Summers says the focus is on what’s ahead for the town and what has been accomplished since the fatal week.

“We decided we don’t want to talk about the past,” Summers said on “580 Live” with Dave Allen this week. “We want to tell you about all the things we’re doing in the future and celebrate what we’ve done for eight years.”

Among the recent progressions is the building of a brand-new elementary school building. Summers said the new Clendenin Elementary School building is going to be beautiful.

“Clendenin Elementary is opening after eight years this year, this August,” Summers said. “I drove out there last night, it’s a beautiful, beautiful setting.”

After speaking on the town’s progress, Summers was very appreciative of the Kanawha County Commission for helping Clendenin over the past eight years.

“Without them (Kanawha County Commission), most of this would not be possible,” Summers said. “They keep continuing to support and believe in our town, and I want to thank them very much.”

Ahead of the 2024 Summerfest events, Summers told residents to come and enjoy the festivities with the hot weather in mind.

“It’s going to be hot,” Summers said. “We have lots of water, lots of food trucks, lots of food, but just dress cool.”

The high for Clendenin on Saturday is 94 degrees.

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