NITRO, W.Va. — Fresh off his re-election, Nitro Mayor Dave Casebolt announced Tuesday that his next term will be his final four years in office.

Casebolt, who ran unopposed in last week’s election, said there is more work to be done before his time is up.

“We do have quite a few projects that we’re working now that we need to complete, projects at the lake, we have a lot of city park improvements that we need to complete,” Casebolt said on “580 Live” with Dave Allen on 580-WCHS Monday.

Casebolt accredits the success during his time in office to the involvement of the Nitro community.

“I think a big part of our success is how we involve the community in our planning. For future planning, we always encourage citizen input, and we take their ideas, we listen to them, and we value those ideas, and then we incorporate them into our planning,” Casebolt said.

Casebolt complimented his staff when talking about the city’s achievements during his time in office.

“We just have a fantastic staff, fantastic employees who are dedicated and hard-working,” Casebolt said. “They are deeply appreciated by our community. I think the community sees how hard our employees work.”

Casebolt also went on to praise the efforts of the Nitro city council for helping the town succeed over his time.

“I have never seen a city council work as hard as Nitro’s city council. They are out in the community every day involved with our youth, involved with our seniors, involved with recreation, just doing things to make lives better for the citizens of Nitro,” Casebolt said.

Casebolt’s final four years in office will be his fourth term serving as Nitro’s mayor. His term will end in 2028.

Story written by Aaron Parker

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