CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Students from Hurricane officially becoming another group of graduating high school seniors to join the class of 2024 in their big moment.

Hurricane High School also made the last class in Putnam County to walk across the stage Tuesday and receive their diplomas this year, as well as the last to wrap up the series of commencement ceremonies at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center.

Hurricane High Principal Josh Caldwell said seeing students complete the major milestone never gets old.

“You’re proud of your senior class anytime they graduate and this was a great group of kids,” Caldwell said. “They had a lot of achievement in the classroom and their extra-curricular activities, just a great group of kids and we’re proud to see them get to this chapter of their educational career.”

Around 310 Hurricane High School students graduated Tuesday. It was the school’s 102nd annual commencement.

Caldwell said they have students going on to all of the universities in state as well as across the country, and even some who are potentially going overseas as they enter the military.

“We’ve just got kids going everywhere, you know, to the workforce, so we’re proud of all of them no matter what they’re doing,” said Caldwell.

Valedictorian for the class of 2024, Paisley Tabor is on her way to Stanford University in California.

She said she visited Stanford a couple of years ago and fell in love with it. Since then, Tabor said it has been nose to the grindstone with actually getting there.

“Ever since then I’ve done everything I can to take weighted AP classes and dual credit classes and I just did my best in them,” Tabor.

Tabor plans to major in engineering. She said her love of STEM and problem-solving helped her make that decision, and her parents both being engineers helped too, Tabor said.

She said her education at Hurricane High also helped ready her for her big move.

“In particular I’ve been in an aerospace engineering class the past four years, that’s been my favorite class and definitely prepared me to continue,” she said.

However, Tabor said she will miss all that she’s leaving behind.

“I’ll definitely just miss the people most of all, I have best friends here and I’m really sad to leave them but I’m really excited for the future,” said Tabor.

Spring Valley High School and Wayne High School in Wayne County are two of the last high schools in the state to graduate. They will hold their ceremonies this Saturday, June 8.

Tolsia High School in Wayne County will graduate before that this Thursday, June 6.

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