CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Non-stop, low-cost flights to and from Myrtle Beach have returned to West Virginia International Yeager Airport for the summer.

Passengers were welcomed with a gate party at the airport Friday morning as the new Breeze Airways flight made its landing.

Rene Morris was one of the passengers unloading off of the first-of-the-year Breeze flight from Myrtle. She said overall it was a good experience.

“It was fine, there was a little turbulence as we left Myrtle Beach but I guess after he went up higher in the clouds it leveled off and it was good sailing,” said Morris.

It was Morris’s first time flying with Breeze. She said she has a daughter who lives in Murrells Inlet right outside of Myrtle she was visiting for Mother’s Day, adding that she would most likely fly with Breeze again before the summers out.

Breeze is offering the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina flights every Monday and Friday at CRW, with fares starting at $39 one-way.

State Public Service Commission Chairmen Charlotte Lane was one of the many waiting to board the next Breeze flight that would be heading into Myrtle Friday. She was on her way to see her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren who also live there.

“I am very excited, I’ve been looking forward to this ever since it was announced that Breeze was going to be flying from Charleston to Myrtle Beach,” Lane said.

According to Breeze Airways, they are the country’s’ only NLCC, or ‘Nice Low Cost Carrier.

They have been recognized by Travel + Leisure as one of the Top 5 Best U.S. Airlines for the second consecutive year.

Lane said it would be even more beneficial if the flights to Myrtle would be offered year-round as it’s a destination that seems to always be in demand for West Virginians.

“A lot of West Virginians go to Myrtle Beach on a regular basis, so I think that if this were year-round, that Breeze would find that it’s a very lucrative route for them,” she said.

However, Lane added that as people look for cheaper, quicker options to get to the highly-traveled beach get-away, having Breeze as an option is extremely beneficial nonetheless.

“To be able to fly non-stop from here to Myrtle Beach is a great boom and the prices, you can’t beat the prices, you couldn’t drive to Myrtle Beach as cheap as we’re flying here on these Breeze flights,” said Lane.

The Myrtle Beach destination joins the other flights that CRW currently offers through Breeze, and they include Tampa Bay, Florida and Orlando, Fl.

Yeager Airport Chief Marketing Officer Paige Withrow said they are very excited to be offering these flights to passengers this summer.

“We’re so excited to welcome Breeze Airways back with the Myrtle Beach flight, it’s a very popular route with our customers, so we’re so excited to see our customers travel to Myrtle Beach this summer,” Withrow said.

Myrtle Beach flights with Breeze runs through September. You can book your flight now.