NITRO, W.Va. — The renewal of the City of Nitro levy is on the ballot in Tuesday’s primary election.

Mayor Dave Casebolt said the levy was first approved by voters in 1933 and has been renewed every five years after that.

Casebolt said the levy provides key funding.

“It actually allows about $400,000 (a year) for street maintenance, parks and rec, firemen’s wages, police wages, library and fire hydrant rental, so it’s pretty big for the City of Nitro,” Casebolt said.

Renewal of the levy will not increase taxes.

Casebolt said there would have to be budget cuts if residents would reject the levy.

“We’re seeing a lot of renewed interest in residential and commercial investment–so we’re headed in the right direction. If would lose this levy it would definitely set us back,” Casebolt said.

Casebolt said he’s confident Nitro residents have noticed changes for the better.

“Just in the past five years we’ve done $2 million in street and road repair. I think the citizens of Nitro can see that and we just need to continue to head in the same direction we’re headed in and keep moving forward,” Casebolt said.

Casebolt was a guest Thursday on 580 Live with Dave Allen on 580 WCHS.