The stands full at Calvert Field in the 1990s. (Photo/The Montgomery Herald)

EAST BANK, W.Va. — Kanawha County school officials met with a structural engineer Thursday at Calvert Field in East Bank in connection with concerns about the structural integrity of the concrete bleachers, press box and field house at the decades-old stadium in eastern Kanawha County.

Calvert Field is currently home to East Bank Middle School sports and a number of local community sports teams. Before that, it was the home of the East Bank High School Pioneers football team which was originally Cabin Creek District High School.

Community members are concerned they may lose use of the field. The school system sent East Bank Middle parents a message Wednesday that said no final decisions have been made.

“We understand the concern regarding Calvert Field and we assure you that we’re taking action steps now to find solutions,” the message said. “First, we want to be clear that the field can still be used even while we examine solutions to the issues with the bleachers, locker rooms and press box. Our goal is to find a solution, even if temporary, that will allow students to continue to use Calvert Field next school year if at all possible. As a backup, the school has also made plans to use Riverside’s field, if necessary.”

The structural engineer that was at the field Thursday will be putting together a report, the school system said.

“Once we receive that information, we will analyze whether repairs will be possible. Student, staff and community member safety is the utmost priority and we want to make sure that all areas are safe. We will consider every option that may keep the field in use. We will continue to update parents and community members as we progress.”

Calvert Field is just off state Route 61 nestled between the CSX main line through southern West Virginia and the Kanawha River. The home stands are made of concrete with a press box at the top of the stands. The field house is underneath the stands. East Bank High won state football championships in 1964 (AAA), 1971 (AAA), 1973 (AAA), 1989 (AA), 1990 (AA), 1993 (AA) and 1996 (AA).