CHARLESTON, W.Va. — When the owners of Bogey’s Driving Range in Tornado opened their doors in 2017, they never thought they would eventually expand their food offerings to Charleston.

An indoor vendor spot opened at Capitol Market last year after the owners of Fresh Seafood Company retired. After an extensive search process of more than 50 applicants, Bogey’s was selected to occupy the space.

Bogey’s owner Andrew Ford slicing fresh meat. Carrie Hodousek/MetroNews

The BBQ style restaurant comes with a new name: Bogey’s at Capitol Market.

Capitol Market Executive Director Evan Osborn said during a Wednesday announcement welcoming Bogey’s is a big deal. The market hasn’t had a new indoor vendor in more than 10 years.

Osborn said selecting Bogey’s was a no-brainer.

“We had a unanimous favor and that was Bogey’s,” he said. “I think this is going to be the next evolution of the market. It’s going to situate us to be in this community for years to come.”

Bogey’s primary location is situated on the Big Bend Golf Course. Along with a driving range, the restaurant offers BBQ style food with outdoor seating and live concerts in the summer time.

At Capitol Market, Bogey’s co-owner and operator Andrew Ford said they’ll offer new menu items as well as a full bar seating area where guests can watch them cook and slice fresh meats.

“We have a really wide selection for this market, so everybody can enjoy something, not just barbeque,” Ford said. “We do a lot of smoked meats and wood-fired grill stuff. We’re going to have our beef ribs, our pork belly burnt ends. We’ve got a little bit of a unique flavor.”

Customers can also enjoy Bogey’s grilled shrimp tacos, tri-tip Philly, fire-roasted corn, as well as their award-winning hot dog with mustard, smoked chili, homemade slaw and onion. Their hot dog was named the best in the state by Taste WV.

Evan Osborn

Charleston Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin was at Wednesday’s announcement where she applauded Bogey’s for their success.

“These are local guys with a big passion. They’re in what I love to call ‘the heart’ of the Capital City. Being here and serving what they have at the Capital Market, this is going to be the place to go,” Goodwin said.

Ford said he and co-owner Jay Nelson have been working to build their brand over the last several years and it’s paying off.

“We’ve worked really hard building our business up in Tornado and trying to get to all these events. This is just a testament

to all of our local customers and people that love our place,” Ford said.

The mayor said the opening of Bogey’s in Charleston will serve as a bright spot with recent restaurant closures in the city. Tidewater Grill and the Chop House at the Charleston Town Center Mall, as well as Bridge Road Bistro in South Hills closed last month.

Amy Shuler Goodwin

“This is so amazing for the City of Charleston. When we talk about oh, this restaurant is closing. Every single time you turn around in the City of Charleston, there is amazing opportunity that’s happening. There are businesses just like Bogey’s that are opening,” Goodwin said.

Osborn said Bogey’s will enhance what the Capitol Market is known for.

“What they’re bringing to the market is a lot of what make the market so special and that’s authenticity, doing it right and small batch, trying to do things by hand. Just like our farmers that bring flowers this time of year to the market, they’re working to bring something special,” he said.

In addition to offering lunch options, the restaurant will feature daily specials and catering options.

Bogey’s at Capitol Market will join eight other indoor vendors including Soho’s, WV Marketplace, Johnnie’s Fresh Meat Market, Mea Cuppa Coffeebar, Holl’s Chocolate, The Wine & Cheese Shop, Sushi Garden and The Purple Onion Fruit & Veggie Co.

Bogey’s hopes to open at Capitol Market later this summer.