CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A few members of Charleston City Council are still in disagreement on how the city handled the investigation of former Chief of Police Tyke Hunt.

Hunt returned to paid medical leave Monday after serving a 20-day suspension for violating police department policies. Hunt has been accused by two women of inappropriate conduct while he was Chief of Police. An internal investigation returned a 10-day suspension without pay for each complaint of sexual misconduct alleged against Hunt.

Tyke Hunt

On the same day, council met at City Hall where Shannon Snodgrass, who has repeatedly been a critic of the city’s handling of the investigation with Hunt, brought it up again at the end of the meeting. She said the city has failed to protect the two women who filed the complaints, Chelsea McCoy and Jenny Harless.

“Sadly, this body, this administration and this mayor has let down these two women” Snodgrass said.

Snodgrass brought up the recent action by the mayor in Dunbar in Kanawha County who suspended a police officer accused of sexual misconduct. The information of the case was handed over to the prosecuting attorney’s office and involved an outside investigation. The actions of the mayor were made within days of the allegations being made. She said this is what Charleston city officials should have done.

Shannon Snodgrass

“This is what transparency looks like,” Snodgrass said in reference to the city of Dunbar.

“This is what this administration did not do,” Snodgrass said referencing the city of Charleston.

Hunt resigned as Chief of Police in August 2023. He was also demoted from lieutenant to corporal when he first went on medical leave.

Council member Shannon Snodgrass called for Charleston Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin to send all files relating to the investigation of Tyke Hunt to the county prosecuting attorney’s office.

“There is a file currently sitting in the prosecuting attorney’s office on the Harless case, but not on the McCoy case,” according to Snodgrass.

Chelsea McCoy is a former officer who is suing the city of Charleston. She alleged that Hunt tampered with her polygraph results during her departmental application process in exchange for sex in the polygraph examination room. McCoy also alleged to having sex with Hunt in the chief’s office.

The complaint from Jenny Harless alleges that Hunt made sexual advances toward her in his office in 2022.

The Gazette-Mail first reported that the Charleston Police Department’s Professional Services Division did not find that Hunt had violated the department’s Workplace Violence, Harassment & Discrimination policy. They said Hunt was disciplined twice for Unbecoming Conduct and that he also violated the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.

Snodgrass said the city is playing a “cat and mouse game” with the situation.

“Send all the files to the prosecuting attorney’s office for a full review. Why not?” Snodgrass asked.

Council member Beth Kerns piggybacked off of the remarks from Snodgrass. She said the standard has been lowered for other police officers since the allegations came to light last summer.

“This is sending the wrong message to other women in our city and to those that serve our city legally and responsibly,” said Kerns.

Meanwhile, council member Jeanine Faegre said the issue is like “beating a dead horse.”

“I think that we should all sit on our hands for a bit instead of worrying about who and what and why Tyke Hunt is doing what he has done or allegedly done,” Faegre said in response.

Amy Shuler Goodwin

Faegre also claimed council member Shannon Snodgrass has been on a smear campaign against “the female mayor.”

“I find it insulting that this is all you (Snodgrass) have to preach on,” said Faegre. “I would like to know what you’re doing for your ward to be quite honest.”

In an appearance on “580 Live” with Dave Allen Monday morning, Goodwin supported the decision that came from current Police Chief Scott Dempsey in the internal investigation involving Hunt. She also previously said it was the right decision for Hunt to step down as chief last August.

“I have confidence in our chief of police and I stand by him,” said Goodwin. “Our head and our heart are always in the right place and my moral compass are never off and that’s what I have to go on.”

The mayor did not comment on the remarks made by any of the three council members who spoke at the end of the meeting.

During their meeting Monday night, City Council also passed a bill to amend the Municipal Code that would update requirements and penalties for bicycle riders and motorized vehicles. The change is in preparation for the USA Cycling Pro Road Championships happening in the city May 14-19.

Also, the city agreed to purchase $81,321 worth of body armor from Atlantic Diving Supply for the Charleston Fire Department. pursuant The deal will help replace expired gear and add additional gear to CFD.

There was also a purchase agreed upon for 13 sets of replacement Turnout personal protective equipment for the fire department. That deal is with Witmer Public Safety for $62,000 to replace damaged gear and to purchase personal protective equipment for new hires.