CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Bridge Road Bistro owner Sandy Call says after nearly 20 years in business, her restaurant in Charleston will close this Saturday.

Call said the decision to close did not come lightly. She said she wants to take more time for herself after dedicating much of her life to the food industry.

“It’s a very physically demanding job,” she said. “I’m very tired. I’ve been doing this since I was 16, so it’s almost been 40 years of being in the hospitality industry for me alone. If you want to be successful in the restaurant industry, you’re going to allow it to consume you and that’s what I’ve done.”

It’s also very difficult to find qualified workers, Call said during a Monday appearance on “580 Live” with Dave Allen heard on 580-WCHS.

“They don’t have transportation, they don’t have a license, they’ve had DUIs or driving on revokes and there’s no childcare for these folks, so they bring their children to work. If I don’t allow them to bring their children to work, then I don’t have them on staff,” she said.

The restaurant opened in 2004 and moved to its location in South Hills 14 years ago.

Call said she plans to auction off the building and liquidate all her assets inside since the landlord doesn’t want to turn the place into another eatery.

As for all 20 of the Bridge Road Bistro employees, Call said they have secured jobs elsewhere.

“They’re not walking away without a job. A lot of them are afraid because I’m their first and only job, but it’s time to fly the nest,” she said.

Prom and graduation parties will take place on the final day of service Saturday, Call said.