CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Kanawha County Clerk is encouraging residents to cast in their ballots earlier this year ahead of the anticipatedly busy Primary Election Day.

Early in-person voting gets underway across the 55 counties this Wednesday, May 1 and goes through Saturday, May 11.

Kanawha County Clerk, Vera McCormick said it being a major election this year, voting early is a good opportunity to ensure one has a chance to cast in their ballot, as Election Day itself will be particularly crowded across the county’s 184 precincts.

“I hope people does take the opportunity to get out and vote early, because it’s going to be a long ballot, and we have so many locations we hope that people can get out during the ten days,” said McCormick.

She anticipates the lines to be long on Election Day and it will take longer in the voting booths.

McCormick said there are a lot of offices and candidates to go through this year.

She said beyond gubernatorial candidates and those running for U.S. Senate, congressional districts, among every other office in the state, every county office will also be included in this year’s ballot.

“We have some of the municipalities on our ballot that’s piggy-backing on with us this time,” said McCormick. “I think every office is up expect for the two clerks, the county and the circuit, but other than that, it’s a full ballot.”

She said the town of Dunbar, the city of Saint Albans, Nitro, South Charleston and Montgomery are all of the additional municipalities that have candidates up for election that are expected to be on the ballot this year.

Local candidates and offices this election include magistrates, circuit judges, district attorneys, county sheriffs, county commission, among others.

McCormick said they encourage those who might be interested in being a poll worker to still sign up to do so. She said those who sign up to be a poll worker now will be placed on the alternate list and will be called in if needed.

“We can work people if they’re a non-partisan registered voter, we could use those too, they can work with either party, but however they’re registered they can call and give us their name, phone number, and we’ll set them up for a training class,” she said.

She said they are getting geared up for the Primary Election.

“We’re getting ready, so we’re looking forward to May 14th,” McCormick said.

Early voting locations in Kanawha County include the following:

. Belle Town Hall

. Voter Registration Office, Charleston

. Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council, Charleston

. Cross Lanes Sheriff’s detachment

. Elkview Community Center

. Marmet Town Hall

. Nitro Police Department

. Saint Albans City Hall

. Sissonville Library