CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A 12-member Kanawha County jury has found a man guilty of first-degree murder in a Charleston murder case.

The jury got the Tyran Gray case Monday afternoon after the defense rested its case. The jury recommended mercy for the conviction.

Gray, 27, of Detroit, who shot and killed Norman Sweeney, 49, on Charleston’s West Side on September 9, 2022, chose not to take the stand Monday.

The defense claimed it was someone else that shot Sweeney, not Gray. Authorities said Gray was mad at Sweeney about a stolen package.

Gray was originally charged along with Cortini Ann Stovall, who authorities said was driving a white car that sped away from the shooting scene. Stovall had pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of accessory after the fact of first degree murder.

Stovall told the court she took Gray to another home following the shooting and was then paid $600 to take Gray to Detroit.

Charleston Police Detective Joshua Mena testified for the prosecution Monday. He showed a map of the locations involved in the crime scene, which included 532 Wyoming Street, 530 Wyoming Street, and 309 Glenwood Avenue.

“Does this map show the trajectory of the cameras you were able to find to trace the white car?” Kanawha County Assistant Prosecutor Monika Jaensson asked Mena.

“Yes ma’am,” Mena replied.

“And, so you were able to find through street cameras the path the white car took from Wyoming Street to Glenwood, correct?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” Mena again replied.

Stovall apparently had rented the white car from Enterprise

Mena said the in and out mileage on the car was consistent to driving from Charleston to Detroit and back.

Gray will be sentenced later this year.