CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston City Council has passed a bill to amend Municipal Code to update regulations for Private Outdoor Designated Areas and to include a new PODA district.

Bill 8031 would be consistent with state code changes and create the East End PODA.

As described by council member Emmett Pepper, the new proposed district will go from Trays Barbershop to Tricky Fish on Washington Street and from the Red Carpet parking lot to the YWCA Center for Racial Equity and Inclusion on Elizabeth Street.

Council member Shannon Snodgrass asked for a roll call vote to be had on the bill. After a quick discussion, the bill passed.

In October, Charleston City Council approved an ordinance to allow for the creation of PODA districts throughout the city.

Council did not have any numbers as far as how often people are utilizing the PODAs ever since they became a thing in Charleston, as requested by council member Beth Kearns, but according to mayor Goodwin, businesses within the PODA district in downtown Charleston are pleased.

“I think it’s working as it was intended,” said mayor Goodwin, who voted in favor of the bill. “It’s growing, I do know that.”

Mayor Goodwin anticipates to have numbers on how the PODAs are doing so far during the summer months when they expect to be used more. She believes after at least three years, the city will have a better understanding of the economic impact the PODA districts are having.

“The market will determine what works and what doesn’t work,” she added.

The East End PODA will fall under the same hours of operation that are currently in tact for the downtown Charleston PODA.